About Living Zionism


It’s something that I identify with, yet struggle with defining. It brings up so many images, means different things for different people, and lately, is often met with challenges and dissension. For many North American Jews today, Zionism has become something that they’re uncomfortable identifying with, as they’re not quite sure what it means, and have heard the phrase be dragged through the mud by anti-Israel detractors. It’s been compared to Nazism, equated with racism and apartheid, and vilified to the point that it’s completely warped from its original intent.

Zionism, at its core, is the belief in the  right of the Jewish people to self-determination in the historic homeland of Israel. Beyond that broad definition, there is a lot of room for interpretation. There are infinite ways for someone to find their connection with Israel, and with Zionism.

This blog is meant to be a forum of Zionist thought. It contains posts about Israel education, Israel advocacy, hasbara, the Zionist movement, and finding ones own identity amongst all of these different ways of connecting with Israel. As a former campus advocate, a Jewish professional, and a Jewish educator who focuses on Israel education, I want to offer my readers my insight, experience, and thoughts on these different topics.

I encourage you to make this an interactive forum. Zionism doesn’t have one correct answer, and there’s no single way to connect with Israel. Therefore, this blog should reflect the multiple voices of the movement! Submit posts, comment, share articles, and let your voice be heard as I provide different perspectives on what it is to live Zionism and identify as a Zionist.


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